Benefits Of Recycling Scrap Metal During Building Demolition

Posted on: 3 December 2015

When demolishing a building or other structure, it is easy just to dismantle the structure and send all of the waste to the local landfill. However, this is not good for the environment. About 40% of all solid waste in landfills is comprised of construction materials and debris from the demolition of buildings. While it can be difficult to recycle building materials and scrap metal during a demolition, it is possible. The process requires a team of experienced individuals that can harvest reusable materials. Large items can be cut into pieces and removed from the site at the beginning of the demolition process; smaller pieces of metals can be removed with magnets after the building has been torn down. While the process is labor-intensive, it is worth the extra effort. There are several benefits to taking the time and effort to recycle building materials such as scrap metal and other usable items during a building demolition.

Landfill Space

Again, landfills are filling up quickly - this is not good for the environment. When a building is demolished and the time is taken to remove all usable materials from the structure, this process diverts trash from landfills. This reduces the burden on the planet and can reduce costs to the company in charge of the demolition, as disposal fees can be quite high for construction waste.


Again, the cost of demolishing a building can be high. It can be important to cut costs where possible. Salvaging usable items from a building prior to demolition is one way to do this. Scrap metal can be sold to local scrap metal buyers. Doors, woodwork and fixtures can be sold to companies that recycle these items for sale to other individuals that are working on a remodel or new construction. If selling these materials is not an option, they can be donated and result in a tax deduction. By taking the time to harvest these items from a building before or during the demolition process, the cost of demolition can be greatly reduced.


The planet's natural resources are being used at an alarming rate. When companies take the time to reuse or sell scrap metals and other items from buildings that are being demolished, this reduces the burden on the planet. The demand for newly-mined metals decreases as buyers can obtain recycled materials for projects. Recycling metals and other materials is one of the best ways to help conserve metals.

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