Keeping Feral Cats Out Of Your Dumpster

Posted on: 7 December 2015

Having a dumpster on your restaurant property is a great convenience. With this convenience however, comes the responsibility in taking steps to keep the trash inside contained when you have a feral cat problem in your area. Feral cats are notorious for trying to get into dumpsters to find a source of food. Here are a few ways to safeguard the trash in a dumpster from feral cats so it stays safely inside while the cats remain safely outside of the container.

Change The Terrain

Cats tend to stay in areas where they can lounge outdoors in between meals. If there is ample soil to use as a litter box area and grassy surfaces to lie down upon, feral cats are more apt to stay in this area. Consider placing gravel for a ground cover in the area where the dumpster is located. This along with a chicken-wire fence around the dumpster can make the area unattractive to feral cats. They don't like walking upon sharp surfaces and may move on to another target.

Take Away Odor

If garbage is pungent, it will attract all kinds of wildlife, including feral cats. To keep cats away from the trash, make the smell less noticeable. This can be done by double-bagging all garbage being thrown inside. Consider sprinkling baking soda into the bottom of each trash bag before filling it up. This is a natural odor neutralizing agent. You can sprinkle some of this in the inside of your dumpster upon delivery as well. Commercial-grade odor neutralizers are also available if your restaurant trash is known to be offensive. Dispose of grease in containers to recycle instead of throwing them into your dumpster. Consider starting a compost pile away from the area of the dumpster to place any food scraps. 

Try Scare Tactics

Placing motion-activated lights and sprinklers near your dumpster will catch feral cats off-guard as they make their way over to investigate. Place a radio in the area to make feral cats think people are nearby. Have someone stand watch for several days and have them blow an air horn or sound an alarm when a feral cat gets too close to the dumpster. In time the cats will know to stay away if they do not like these sounds. Consider getting a dog to keep in the back of your property help alert you when feral cats are nearby. It would bark at the cats, scaring them away from the area.

Cover And Secure

Make sure the cover of the dumpster is closed at all times. Place bricks or cinder blocks on the lid to keep animals from squeezing underneath. You can also use a chain around the body of the roll off dumpster, securing the lid into place.