Buying Goods From A Recycling Center Can Net You Some Great Deals

Posted on: 13 December 2015

Most people think of recycling services as a place to take things. However, some recycling centers are also excellent places to buy things as well. Many of these centers that accept windows, mirrors, glass or even pallet wood are often willing to sell them before recycling them. This helps put more funds into the recycling center's pockets and also helps people find great bargains on goods. Here are some options for finding great deals at recycling centers.

Book Sales

While not all recycling centers accept and recycle books, some do and have an annual book sale. This is a great place to buy hardback and softback books for pennies on the dollar. For those who have a book reselling business, this is an outstanding opportunity to buy in bulk for very little investment.

Watch the local newspapers and listen for advertisements on the radio and television; many of these recycling centers advertise their book sales well in advance.

Windows, Mirrors And Glass

Since glass can be recycled, most recycling centers will accept all types of glass. For the savvy bargain hunter, this means that you can find old windows, pieces of glass and even mirrors intact. The center will typically allow the public to buy the windows and glass as is, because there is a bigger profit in selling the piece than selling the glass by the ton.

Although the amounts vary, most recycling centers can only get less than 20 dollars a ton for glass. However, they can sell the windows and mirrors by the piece and get far more profit, so most are more than willing to sell the pieces to customers.

Wooden Pallets

Many times, businesses or people that have wooden pallets that need repairs will simply send them to a recycling center. The recycling center may either regrind them down or send them in bulk to companies that break down and reuse the wood from the pallets.

If you are fairly handy with tools, you can usually buy these pallets (and they often only need minor repair, if any) from the recycling center before they are recycled. Wooden pallets are terrific for fencing, making DIY furniture, and a wide range of projects around the house. When you buy pallets for the lumber from a recycling center, you can save tremendously on the cost of lumber.

Be sure to check regularly with your local recycling centers and ask about buying their goods before they are sent off for recycling. This could net you some great deals! 

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