Three Tips For Reducing Waste At Your Company

Posted on: 21 December 2015

While the average person produces about 4.3 pounds of waste per day, the amount of waste generated in commercial environments is typically higher. For instance, the commercial sector in Los Angeles produced about 10.53 pounds of waste per employee per day in 2006. Reducing waste at your company can have a positive impact on your bottom line and the environment. Here are three tips to help you achieve this goal.

Set Up a Station for Reusable Products

Many office products such as binders, folders, and envelopes can be reused. For one reason or another, though, they end up getting thrown away or sitting untouched in unused drawers and boxes. Avoid this by setting up a system where employees can store or exchange reusable office supplies. For instance, place bins in the supply room to collect envelopes and binders for reuse. Having a central place for reusable products will make it easier to integrate this process into the culture of your company.

Rethink Paper Usage

Paper is one of the top products used in an office and one that is more likely to find its way in the trash. There are a couple of things you can do to significantly reduce the amount of paper used in your office or that finds its way to a landfill.

If your company is one of the few still clinging to paper records, consider converting to digital storage. Computer storage capabilities have increased significantly over the past decade, and it's now possible to save entire cabinets full of records onto a single disk drive. Additionally, digital storage makes it easier to search for information and share it with others, and the amount of money you save on paper will be significant.

Set printers and copiers in your office to automatically print on both sides of the page as the default setting. Save pages with one-sided printing to use for draft prints and copies or to use as scratch paper. Not only will you reduce the amount of paper you use, but you'll save money on note-taking supplies such as sticky notes.

Use Real Cups

Although paper and plastic cups are convenient, these disposable products aren't good for the environment or your wallet. Instead of using them, encourage employees to use real cups for hot and cold drinks. You can even seed the break room with coffee mugs and cups with the company's name and logo printed on them. Install a dishwasher to clean and sanitize dishes between uses.

Reducing waste in your office requires making changes to your business' culture and processes. For more ideas on reducing waste or to set up a recycling program at your office, contact a commercial recycling center near you, such as E.L. Harvey & Sons.